The WBS ULTIMATE II is the latest development from WBS Steel Guitars. At its finest you can say without exaggeration, which is reflected among other things in the choice of noble materials and German craftsmanship. Years of experience gave rise to a mechanical absolute novum. Ball bearings allow a precise fit and reduce the play of the axles drastically which has a positive effect on the tuning accuracy and playability of this instrument. By default, a RealStop© is already installed. The Singleneck model comes with 3 foot pedals and 5 kneelevers, the Doubleneck model with 8 foot pedals and 5 kneelevers. Now take a look at the WBS ULTIMATE SERIES virtually under the hood of the noble piece.

What is the difference between the WBS ULTIMATE II and the WBS CUSTOM series I am often asked. The differences are in the use of the materials (lacquered body & wood neck), a brass changer - for more sustain, the higher-level mechanics as well as some technical optimizations that I do not want to disclose. Feedback from customers are "I got the guitar out of the car, set it up and could play directly without tuning" ORDER NOW